Unbiased Inspections by Certified Flooring Inspectors

QuestInspect is an impartial flooring inspection service, providing unbiased third-party inpections across the United States and Canada. We serve a diverse clientele, including manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, on a regular basis.

QuestInspect takes the burden of managing flooring inspections off companies, allowing them to focus on their core business activities while ensuring that inspections are handled efficiently, professionally, and fairly. This comprehensive approach not only streamlines the claims process but also contributes to higher levels of satisfaction among all parties involved.

We welcome Homeowners, Tenants, Insurance companies, Flooring Installers, Contractors, Architects, and Legal professionals to inquire about our independent inspection services by requesting a quote, at no cost and with no obligation.

Our Customers

Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, flooring installers, homeowners, tenants, insurance companies, contractors, architects, and attorneys, among others facing issues with a flooring product, turn to QuestInspect for their inspection needs.

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Surfaces We Inspect

Any surface on which a flooring product is installed, including floors, walls, backsplashes, showers, pools, patios, and more.

Residential and commercial installations.

Products We Inspect

Luxury Vinyl Tile & Planks, Laminate, Ceramic Tile, Stone, Solid Wood; Engineered Wood, Cork, Bamboo, Sheet Vinyl, Carpet, and Flooring Underlayments.

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QuestInspect is at your service, offering support for businesses in need of Independent flooring Inspections.

Additionally, if you are a Certified Inspector looking for a little more business, please reach out to us.

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Manufacturers and Distributors

QuestInspect specializes in providing inspection services specifically designed for the flooring industry. By overseeing the inspection process from start to finish, we ensure a seamless operation, thorough inspections, and well written reports. Our services boost your claims department's efficiency, saving significant time, and enabling your team to concentrate on other important tasks.